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Grief can be overwhelming and isolating.

In the Bean Nighe Circle, you will be amongst friends where you don't have to pretend. Whatever you are feeling, you are welcome.

Confronting death can feel very lonely.

Join the Bean Nighe Circle and experience the support of others

Loss is part of the human condition

And yet most of us have no idea how to process grief.


In the Bean Nighe Circle we recognise the devastating impact of incomplete grief in our lives and learn the tools that enable us to move beyond the pain of loss.

The tools of the Grief Recovery Method can be used over and over again to bring deep healing to our lives

Death is common to us all

And yet we know so little about it.


In the Bean Nighe Circle we make time in our lives to find out about death so that our dying time, when it comes, is eased and in keeping with our values.

And surprisingly, life is enriched as a consequence

For the cost of a weekly coffee and pastry, membership of the


Bean Nighe Circle

will give you access to:

Start the Week Well 

If you've got things you want to get done, but keep putting off – you're not alone! It's easy to procrastinate, so this Monday morning zoom session is to support you to do the things that nourish you while working alongside other members of the community

Weekly Yoga Nidra

Bring peace and rest into your weekly routine with this no-experience-necessary meditation

Monthly Q & A

This is your opportunity to ask anything you want to know about grief, death and end of life planning

Discounts on 1–1 Grief Recovery, End Of Life Planning Groups and Online & In-Person Retreats

I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn how to leave behind the pain of loss and prepare for your own dying time so that you are free to live fearlessly

A Library of Resources

Connection with like minded people

You will also receive a welcome gift worth £54

A leather-bound journal

A box of beautiful candles

The Grief Recovery Handbook

by John James and Russell Friedman

Before I Go: The Essential Guide to Creating a Good End of Life Plan

by Jane Duncan Rogers


£25 per month

Cancel anytime

Transforming loss together

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