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If you are a Human Resources Manager ready to Grief Proof your business, you are in the right place.


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Why is Grief Proofing urgent?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the population:

  • in excess of 13,000 Covid related deaths have been recorded in Scotland, leaving thousands grieving. A quarter of your workforce are affected.

  • Covid-19 restrictions led to an escalation in domestic abuse – do you know how many of your employees have experienced domestic abuse?

  • Increased working from home is stressful for some employees – putting strain on relationships or causing isolation.

  • Some employees will be experiencing financial hardship.

  • The heightened sense of fear triggered post traumatic stress responses in individuals who had previously experienced natural or manmade disasters.

War has broken out in Europe – this will impact the workforce in many ways:

  • Some will have relatives in Ukraine who have been hurt, had to flee or are in danger.

  • Individuals who have lived through war may experience anxiety and flashbacks.

On the positive side, the last three years have brought employers' attention to the impact grief has on the workforce and productivity. It is estimated that it cost UK businesses 23 billion pounds in lost revenue in 2020. This highlights the importance of making provision for grief recovery in your business.


What is the Grief Recovery Method?

The Grief Recovery Method is a tool-kit for unlocking and honouring the emotional experience of grief. It differs from grief counselling because it is action-based, structured and proven
Grievers come to the Grief Recovery Method with habitual coping strategies and explore why these are ineffective before being introduced to new tools. The gamut of losses –  persons, pets, dreams, and those intangible losses like trust and safety are covered.  At every step the griever is heard without judgement or analysis, and is supported to identify and give voice to the array of emotions that accompany the full extent of loss. 

The Grief Recovery Method educates participants so they are able to address past losses, and to resolve new losses more effectively. By investing in the Grief Recovery Method, your workforce becomes more resilient now and for the longterm. 
The Grief Recovery Method has been implemented, for over 40 years, on six continents, with the Grief Recovery Handbook having been translated into over 20 languages. 

The Grief Recovery Method is facilitated by a Grief Recovery Specialist, certified by the Grief Recovery Institute.

The Grief Recovery Method is offered as a 1-1 programme over 7 weeks or a group programme of up to 8 people over 8 weeks.
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Meet Rachel


I am the founder of Bean Nighe – providing Grief Recovery and End of Life planning across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and beyond. I live and work on the Isle of Tiree where the transformation of loss has become my passion and my expertise.

I noticed over lockdown, even in the microcosm on Tiree, how losses from the past resurfaced in the form of post-traumatic stress disorders that required time off work, either as a direct result of the symptoms of PTSD, or because of physical illnesses that followed. Amongst my clients, anxiety about the future, grieving the death of a relative, family relationships strained to breaking under the pressure of staying at home together, led to lethargy, anger, feelings of overwhelm, disinterest in work and low productivity.

I have also observed time and again that giving an employee time off work to recover, isn't enough. If your car breaks down, waiting by the side of the road for 'time to heal' won't repair the car. Instead, a mechanic with a set of appropriate tools, will get the car back on the road.  This is the same for people. Time alone won't heal – it's what we do in that time that brings healing. I'm the mechanic with the right set of tools.  I discovered the power of these tools in my own life after I experienced a profound loss that I felt I would never recover from. A dark depression took me away from my work and it was the tools of the Grief Recovery Method that restored my well-being and enabled me to find work meaningful again. Now, I teach these tools to enable others to transform their losses into passion for life and work. I am excited about supporting businesses to develop resilience in these changing uncertain times by becoming GRIEF PROOF.

Time limited

Sometimes putting in place resources for grieving employees, can alert you to how much you would benefit from the same support.
Here's how to get support for yourself:



7 week programme

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