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Loss enters our lives unexpectedly and in different ways.  After loss, our lives are never the same again.  Sometimes it feels as if happiness has departed forever.  Feelings are so confusing.

If you are in the depths of agony

book a free session with me

If you can't pull your thoughts together after devastating news

book a free session with me

I am here to help you heal your broken heart.

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If you want your heart to beat to its own kind rhythm again, book a free grief recovery session with me and we can talk about how to discover peace and healing after loss. 


Bean Nighe is a fairy who is found across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  On the Isle of Tiree, where I live, she is often seen, by those who have eyes to see her, washing garments in the burn.  If she lays her eyes on you, your imminent death is certain.  If, however, you grab her unawares, and suckle from her long breasts, she will grant you three boons.

What boons would you ask for?

My name is Rachel Gwilym.  The story of the Bean Nighe has helped me to think about loss and death safely and creatively. 


The Bean Nighe goes about the mundane task of washing clothes – in this she is like me, with an endless pile of laundry that having a busy family entails, so death becomes a little bit more mundane.

The Bean Nighe sneaks up on you and when she does, death is certain.  This motif reminds me that death is certain and that it can come upon me when I am least expecting it.  This invites me to be prepared.  In my own life, I have done this by writing an End Of Life Plan and, learning and using the Grief Recovery Method.  I can teach you how to do this too.

If you are able to grab the Bean Nighe and suckle from her breast, she grants you three boons.  This encourages me that there are blessings to be discovered when I turn and face death.  I have been doing this in community through storytelling circles and the Tiree Death Cafe.

In some parts of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland where this story is told, it is enough that you grab the Bean Nighe.  In Tiree, the story goes that you must suckle at her breast.  I prefer this version because the motif of the breast speaks of nourshment and succour.

What noursishment is there to be had from embracing death in the midst of life?

This is a question worthy of consideration and one that motivates the work I do through Bean Nighe. 


                      It's important to me that everyone who wants support is able to get it.
The cost reflects both your ability to pay and your commitment to your healing or process, as well as my expertise, time and support. It's easy to spend a lot of money on things that aren't supportive – this is particularly so in grief when shopping, alcohol and drugs might become props to keep feelings at bay. When you invest in your wellbeing, your focus shifts towards taking care of yourself, and you are more likely to fully benefit from the programme you've embarked on and find the peace of mind you are looking for.

With loss can come financial hardship. There's no shame in this, and a little bit of creativity will get you the help you need. I have found that by prioritising my emotional well-being, I have found ways to pay for the support I've wanted, even when finances have been
difficult. I encourage you to prioritise your well-being.

Join Bean Nigh Community

1–1Grief Recovery

Let me support you in a private 7 week programme catered directly to meeting your needs.

The first session is free.

Sessions 2-7 are £60-£100 per session paid weekly

Grief Recovery Group

Join up to eight people to share the Grief Recovery journey.

Charged on a Pay What You Can basis.

1–1End of Life Planning

Let me support you in a private programme catered directly to meeting your needs

End of Life Planning Group

Join a small group to share the Grief Recovery journey.

Charged on a Pay What You Can basis

Funerals and Memorials

When there's been a death in the family, you might be finding it hard to make decisions about what you want. I'm here to help you create a bespoke funeral or memorial.

Eulogy £150

Full funeral service £300

Remote support for a home funeral £150–£300

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Coming into this journey I didn't know how much of a positive effect it would have on my wellbeing until all of a sudden I just felt so much lighter and in a place I never thought I would be.  You need to allow yourself to be honest and open and really put your heart and soul into the heart work, because if you do, before you know it things are being processed and you can allow yourself to move forward.  I am and will be grateful for meeting Rachel and the Grief Recovery Programme.

candle in hand-2.png
candle in hand-2.png

If you have worked with me, I would be delighted if you left me some feedback. It helps me maintain my business and spread the work of transforming loss.

Thank you

Together we are transforming loss 

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